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David's PMW/Tkinter Widgets

This page has some graphical widgets built atop Tkinter and PMW, that you might find useful.

At present, there's just one. But it's possible I might add more in time.

You'll need to be running Python 2.2 or later, Tkinter and Python Mega-Widgets for these to work.

WidgetList screenshot
This is a subclass of Pmw.ScrolledFrame that behaves much more like Pmw.ScrolledListBox.

The difference from ScrolledListBox is that instead of just strings, you can use arbitrary sets of widgets as list items.

Only requirement is that the list items be subclassed from WidgetListItem (which is itself a subclass of Tkinter Frame).
(You can even have different types of items on the one WidgetList).

List items' styles can be easily set.
Normal keyboard/mouse interactions apply - click, mousewheel, up, down, pageup, pagedown, tab - and appropriate scrolling happens automatically.

Demo code included with module. Run epydoc on the module to get nice doco.