PyrexDoc - doco generator for Pyrex

Pyrex has to be one of the greatest pieces of software since Python itself.

In case you don't yet know, Pyrex is a language that lets you mix Python and C code and data types freely. For that unavoidable chore of writing Python wrappers to C libraries, Pyrex makes this task vastly quicker and easier than with tools like SWIG.

Pyrex has many many uses including:
The only problem with Pyrex is that the automatic documentation generation tools, like epydoc, happydoc and pydoc, are unable to detect functions, classes and class methods in Pyrex modules.

So, rather than hacking around inside any of these utilities, it worked out quicker for me to write another documentation generator, especially for Pyrex.

PyrexDoc is pretty basic, but generates perfectly usable documentation by lifting docstrings out of built Pyrex modules.

Download pyrexdoc-0.1

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