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(well, the start of one anyway)

Ming is a library that allows you to create those much-loved/hated Macromedia Shockwave Flash files.

Thanks to some quality SWIG programming by the Ming devs, the Ming API can be accessed from Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP and C++.

However, the Ming website has a paucity of Python examples, which suggests that the folks there are more in the PHP groove.

To make Ming more approachable to Python hackers, I've ported (nearly) all of the PHP examples into Python, including their venerable Slashdot ticker. Get the tarball here.
(Note that the streammp3 example might segfault python - that's not my fault - it's something in Ming.)

(If/when I put more time into Ming, and master it to a satisfactory degree, I'll stick more stuff on this page.)

If you're a python hacker using Ming, please get in touch. Perhaps we can share some stuff.