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David's Metakit Goodies

Not much here as yet, but this section could quite possibly grow over time as I weld Metakit into my reality.



Metakit Plus

Metakit is a tiny yet butt-kickin' database manager with 1001 uses.
Strange at first sight, but reveals itself to be very Pythonic, and an interesting (and very usable) middle ground between relational and OO DBMS. (I'm rapidly getting addicted to it!)

This module wraps the main Metakit classes into a form that's easy to subclass and extend, and adds a bunch of convenience methods. For example, some extra view methods:
  • fieldNames-a list of the field names in a view
  • getFiltered() - returns a filtered remapped view
  • setWhen() - convenient way to set values in rows which meet certain criteria
  • removeWhen() - convenient way to delete rows which meet certain criteria
  • purgeDuplicates() - purge duplicate rows from a view "in place"

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