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What's EvilWM?

py-EvilWM is the smallest and simplest, yet a very usable, X window manager.

Some window managers are mouse heaven and keyboard hell. Other window managers are the other way around.
But py-EvilWM aims to be very comfortable to use from either.

py-EvilWM is a "pythonised" version of EvilWM, and aims to give you easy-to-use tools to create your own personal dream desktop.
Package includes manpage for EvilWM, which lists the default key bindings.

Written in C, py-EvilWM was fairly easy to encapsulate EvilWM within Python classes via Pyrex

What's the Python Scenario?

I've hacked EvilWM to expose it to Python as a module, defining a window manager class called 'WM', plus a class 'window' for each window that gets created.

The basic trip is that you subclass this WM class, and add your own handlers.
Look at the doco, and the test.py example in the tarball - it's very easy.

Within your handlers, you can:
Your handlers can receive events, such as:

In contrast to other Python-driven window managers, this one is so easy and intuitive that you'll be hacking your own window manager script in a couple of minutes.

Add your own handlers, take your own actions, get your desktop exactly as you want it, without the horriffic bloat of certain other window managers. But above all, have fun!

Caveat - due to some quirks in Pyrex, some exceptions may not appear on stdout - if things ever look weird, just sprinkle in a few print statements while debugging, until you figure out what's happening.

I'm Curious - Gimme a Copy!

Download py-EvilWM here

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